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INTERPOL Abuse Exposed - Information and Press Pack

Interpol Abuse Exposed

Interpol Red Notice Press & Information Pack - Interpol Abuse - Interpol Red Notice Removal - Interpol Lawyer

Download your free Media and information pack on Interpol Abuse (PDF attached), produced by leading expert Radha Stirling, one of the most prominent voices against Interpol abuse since 2008.

Radha Stirling founded IPEX Reform, an advisory for Interpol and Extradition process reform, aiming to increase pressure on Interpol to make member countries accountable for their abuse of the database and to make Interpol liable for abuse. Stirling speaks on this issue at legislative level, at think tanks, conferences and to the media, exposing corruption and inadequacies present in the international crime reporting organisation.

When Interpol fails to uphold standards of fairness, transparency, and accountability; and when it is allowed to become a mechanism of injustice, persecution, and extortion, global law enforcement is in a worse position than if Interpol did not exist at all.

Stirling has been helping people clear the name from Interpol’s unregulated database for a decade and a half. Stirling has seen all kinds of notices, green, blue, red and has helped victims of Interpol Red Notices get their freedom back, and their reputations. Stirling’s clients have included prominent businessmen, politicians, journalists, and a number of bank debtors who have been misreported under the category of “fraud”. A number of Stirling’s Interpol victims have been reported as a means to extort, harass or blackmail individuals. She has deleted Notices from South Korea to Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and beyond. She defends Interpol Abuse victims against extradition requests and state harassment and is leading a team in legal actions against the body.


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