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Tara Reade offers sworn testimony to Jim Jordan

Reade formally offers sworn testimony to Congressman Jim Jordan on the weaponization of the Federal Government

Tara Reade in a letter by her attorney, Dr Jonathan Levy, to Chairman Jim Jordan of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government has requested to testify before Congress regarding her persecution by the FBI and Biden Administration since going public in 2019 about sexual abuse by Joseph Biden in 1993.

Ms. Reade has recently filed for temporary asylum in Moscow, Russia owing to credible threats of arrest in the United States or a third country. She has also filed an Urgent Appeal with the United Nations.

If called to testify before Congress Ms. Reade will describe the sexual assault by Joseph Biden, her determination to report it and the retaliation she suffered. Regarding weaponization of the government, Ms. Reade has been falsely accused of perjury and placed under investigation by a federal grand jury and the FBI. More recently she has been under surveillance and has been publicly targeted by the National Security Administration (NSA).

Reade’s representative, Radha Stirling, CEO of Due Process International emphasized the importance of allowing her to testify, regardless of her current location. “Tara Reade has been forced to remain in Russia due to actionable threats to her safety and freedom; threats that we believe are intended to silence her. If she is, therefore, denied the opportunity to present her testimony before congress; about what Joe Biden did to her 30 years ago, and about the weaponization of the very government institutions congress oversees; just because she has sought temporary asylum outside the United States, the campaign to mute her voice will win a significant victory. And America will become even less safe for whistleblowers like Tara Reade in the future.”


Radha Stirling

CEO at Due Process International


Due Process International:



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