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Biden reviews Julian Assange Indictments to avoid humiliation

The Assange team is ‘hopeful’ for Biden’s review of charges against Julian Assange, but what’s really going on behind the scenes at the White House? Interpol and Extradition Expert, Radha Stirling explains.

“British courts have sufficient legal reasoning to block the US request to extradite Julian Assange leaving Biden worried the US will be humiliated on the world stage”, explains IPEX (Interpol & Extradition) Reform founder, Radha Stirling.

“The UK frequently denies extraditions where the wanted person is likely to face unfair trials, human rights violations, discrimination or torture. The court has heard sufficient evidence to rule against extradition and they certainly would do so if it were any other country’s request.

“The US has failed to provide any binding or believable assurances that Assange would not face the death penalty, that additional charges would not be levied, that he would not be discriminated against and would not face human rights violations in accordance with UDHR principles. Assange would not be afforded the same protections as US citizens and would not be entitled to constitutional protection of the first amendment right to free speech.

“Further, the UK denied the extradition of British citizen Corey de Rose to the US based on his mental health and suicide risk. The Assange team has demonstrated that after over a decade of persecution, of living in exile and in harsh prison conditions, he too, is arguably in the same boat.

“The UK has every right to reasonably deny the extradition. The Biden administration is carefully considering the humiliation they would suffer if the British courts ruled against extradition. Without being able to satisfy UK assurance requests, US decision makers realise his extradition is not guaranteed, regardless of the strength of the US-UK alliance.

“The inevitable humiliation in the event of an extradition denial is absolutely the only reason the DNC is even entertaining the idea of withdrawing the charges against Julian Assange. Make no mistake, Assange is an enemy of the state, but not of the people. Assange has overwhelming public support and the vast majority support his release. His case is evidence that the state does not represent the will of the people and would rather persecute or even kill its political opponents.

“If the charges are withdrawn, it is evidence that prosecutors advised the administration that the extradition would be ruled against and we can thank the British judiciary for their independence.

“If the extradition is approved, it sets the frightening precedent that any country can file charges against a foreigner who has never even stepped foot into their jurisdiction, and have them handed over via the extradition process. Universal jurisdiction is one of the most dangerous legal developments in modern history.

“It’s worth noting that Saudi Arabia denied a US extradition request of our client, British citizen Christopher Emms, who was accused of conspiring to violate US sanctions. He was not in the US, is a British citizen and violated no UK law, no international laws or UN principles. The US has no right to attempt to force the whole world to follow United States law!”


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