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Tara Reade files explosive complaint against FBI for weaponization

Biden sexual assault victim, Tara Reade, has filed a civil rights complaint against the FBI for intimidation, harassment, unlawful surveillance and the weaponization of the justice system that resulted in her need to seek asylum abroad. The explosive action supports and highlights the kind of weaponization we have seen over the past several years against anyone deemed a political risk to Joe Biden.

Attorney, Dr Jonathan Levy, said “Tara Reade was sexually victimized by then Senator Joseph Biden in 1993. Her case was suppressed by Congressional investigators to protect Senator Biden and the records sealed. When she spoke out again in 2019, she was immediately subject to an ongoing FBI Operation to re-victimize her a second time. The FBI Operation was opened for the specific purpose of unlawfully intimidating, harassing, surveilling, and discrediting Tara and arresting her.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted an ongoing operation against Tara in order to silence and surveil her and if possible, falsely arrest her for criminal activities. As a result of the FBI operation, Tara was targeted by a federal grand jury and a California criminal investigation. Tara fled the United States earlier this year joining other Biden whistleblowers, including Gal Luft, who have become targets of federal investigations.

“The complaint seeks an investigation of FBI practices which target Biden family whistleblowers for exercise of their First Amendment right to free speech, copies of all information about Tara obtained through unconstitutional surveillance, search, and seizure tactics and an expungement of her FBI files.”

Tara Reade fights FBI & DOJ over weaponization

When Senate aide, Tara Reade, spoke out in 2019 about Joseph Biden’s sexual assault against her, she never expected she would be revictimized by justice departments that should have been there to protect her, not to target her. Tara was one of eight women to come forward with complaints against Biden, but her allegations were the only ones corroborated by a contemporaneous reporting event at the time of the incident.

Over the past several years, we have seen unprecedented instances of the FBI and DOJ being weaponized against those deemed “political opponents” of the democrat party and President Biden. Tara Reade, despite being a lifelong democrat voter, is one of those targets, but she vows to fight back and help other victims of weaponization.

Tara and her legal team claim the FBI and others have committed multiple violations of constitutional and statutory law as law enforcement bodies, disinformation and that intimidation campaigns were activated against her with threats to her life and freedom so grave that she was forced to seek asylum in another country due to her status as a female survivor of sexual assault.

Tara was subjected to threats, intimidation, and coercion due to her perceived political views through the lens of the Russia collusion hoax as an opponent of President Biden and supporter of Russia.  Due Process International founder and spokesperson for Tara, Radha Stirling, reminds us that,

“Russian collusion allegations have been the benchmark of disinformation campaigns against individuals deemed political risks by the Democrat party, including the infamous President Trump Russia Hoax. This appears to be the standard playbook when facing a potential threat to voter recruitment. Rather than addressing the issues directly and ethically, censorship, disinformation campaigns, slander, intimidation and serial abuse of the justice system have become ‘go to’ public relations solutions."

“We’ve seen how the justice department, private companies and especially social media outlets, have been abused by politicians to the extent that a weaponization committee was established. History shows us that unlawful surveillance by government agencies against citizens is standard practice and even worse than that, the House Intelligence Committee’s Section 702 Reform Bill has sought to legalize and legitimize this surveillance.

“Tara’s actions expose major violations of constitutional and statutory laws that will support numerous other victims of weaponization. Only through such brave legal actions will these unlawful and unethical practices be eliminated”.


Biden accuser Tara Reade sues FBI

RT World News - Tara Reade says she was targeted for retaliation

after speaking out in 2019 about a sexual assault by

then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. Read More





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