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GB News: Colin Brazier: Billy Hood Detained in Dubai for CBD vape oil gets 10 years.

Colin Brazier of GB News goes in depth on the case of Billy Hood who has had a 25 year prison sentence reduced to 10 years on appeal in Abu Dhabi. Brazier talks to Billy's mother Breda and uncle David on their nightmare and hope for Boris Johnson to finally get involved.

Brazier discusses the parliamentary debate on whether the FCDO's service to foreigners needs to be improved. Felicity Buchan, MP raised the cases of Billy Hood and Albert Douglas on the floor. Albert is a 60 year old grandfather held for cheques he did not write.

Radha Stirling from Detained in Dubai has been lobbying for such changes for years and prepared detained reports for MP's in preparation for the debate.

Brazier has followed a number of Detained in Dubai's cases going back to his days at Sky News.

The ten year sentence for Billy Hood will be appealed and there is great hope for his safe and prompt return to England.


Detained in Dubai:

Due Process International:



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