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Dubai Police “Human Rights Captain” Meets Albert Douglas

Wrongfully detained, beaten and tortured, the British grandfather just wants to come home.

“Nobody in the prison has ever heard of Dubai Police having a human rights captain so this must be a new thing”, reported Albert Douglas in a telephone call to his son, Wolfgang Douglas. The British grandfather was beaten to the point of disability and broken bones by prison guards after being detained over a bounced cheque he did not write.

“Captain Mansour brought me to a luxurious meeting room within the prison, probably the same area where they meet foreign inspectors and diplomats, he spoke to me for an hour. This is after I’ve already been deposed by Dubai government officials and transferred to Abu Dhabi to be deposed again. I’ve been assessed by medical professionals, my broken bones examined, but nothing has happened.

“I told Captain Mansour I wanted to be sent back to the UK where I can have required surgeries and medical care while I am supported by my family, that they had lost the right to care for me”.

Wolfgang explained that Dubai had tried to separate themselves from responsibility for the abuse of Albert Douglas, blaming neighbouring Abu Dhabi. “It’s akin to us blaming neighbouring regions of the UK in the same situation. The United Arab Emirates is one country and my father has been transferred to multiple detention facilities. It is not his choice whether he is in Abu Dhabi then Dubai then Abu Dhabi and frankly, Dubai has a horrendous record themselves. They have lied about providing him medication for his heart, they have deprived him of medical attention and surgeries for his broken bones. My father has been ‘cared’ for by Dubai, so cared for that he has remained in prison with a dislocated shoulder, broken bones and severe pain. Dubai acts like they are the ‘nice guys’, but their history of human rights violations is well known. The fact is, my father has been destroyed by a city that he once loved and invested in. Now, he’s a broken, frail man with severe PTSD. His treatment is unbearable and this is a man who should NEVER have been in prison in the first place”.

The Douglas family has appealed to ruler HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum to let Albert return to England.

Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling added “Albert has committed no crime. The cheque has been forensically analysed and proven not to be his and yet he has paid the ultimate price. It is promising that Dubai has met with Albert to discuss his torture and abuse and appear to be making the right noises but for Albert, the only end for him is to come home. He has suffered enough and now that finally his abuse has been properly acknowledged by authorities, he must be compensated with his freedom”.


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