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Debt in Dubai - Press & Information Pack

Press pack by Detained in Dubai on Debt in Dubai

Living in the UAE inevitably comes with persistent offers for mortgages, loans and credit cards from profit hungry local banks and their commission salesmen. People who don’t even need finance are easily tempted by the ease of process.

When circumstances change, however, expats can be left facing jail, a travel ban or even an Interpol Red Notice. The Dubai debt trap has caused no end of grief to families, some of whom have been separated for more than a decade as greedy banks lock them up and throw away the key.

Radha Stirling founded Detained in Dubai in 2008 and has been helping expats defend against criminal and civil cases ever since.

“With the UAE’s real estate sector aiming to make record transactions, it’s inevitable foreign nationals will run into trouble. Banks, utility companies, Landlord defaults and other small infractions have been responsible for more wrongful detentions than any other alleged crime”, explains Stirling.

Detained in Dubai is the leading voice for financial reform in the Gulf. The organisation has dealt with billion dollar litigations, real estate and development frauds, bank impropriety and personal debts, offering professional services including legal representation, debt negotiation, Interpol prevention, Interpol Red Notice removal, civil litigation, fraud investigations and criminal defence.

Stirling has more than 15 years experience providing commentary and advice to press, government and law enforcement, expert testimony in court and service to more than fifteen thousand victims of injustice.


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