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Danielle Jeffries thanks Radha Stirling following return to Miami from Dubai

"My name is Danielle Jeffries. Thankfully, Radha Stirling of Detained in Dubai generated media coverage for my case, which was then brought to the attention of his highness, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. I would like to thank Radha Stirling for her unyielding intervention on my behalf.

"I'm also grateful to the UAE government for working to get to the bottom of my circumstance and realising that I had been wrongfully accused by my competitor. I'm now ba​​​​​ck at home in the United States and have been cleared of any and all accusations. Thank you Radha, for your support".

"Danielle Jeffries was completely exonerated of all charges against her. Stirling and Detained in Dubai led a campaign that saw the US government step in to intervene for their citizen. "We are delighted that the US government and Embassy was so helpful in Danielle's case. It was complicated and a challenge, but she was released very quickly following mutual governmental cooperation. However, she should never have been charged in the first place", said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai.


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