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Albert Douglas’s son finally in UK after Dubai ordeal

Albert Douglas’s son, Albert Coleman Jr was finally able to leave Dubai after months long ordeal that his brother describes as a “hostage situation”.

Albert Douglas was arrested five months ago for “bounced cheques” that he did not write and that weren’t related to his own company. The cheques in question belonged to his son’s company. “It’s common for relatives to be detained in Dubai over bounced cheques or bank debts, even if they had nothing to do with the cheque”, explained Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai. “Even in cases where husbands and wives have been separated, they have still been held responsible for the debts of their spouse as in the case of Morag Koussa. Although this is against local law, the practice is commonplace and puts innocent people at risk of detention”.

Albert Coleman Douglas Junior surrendered his passport as security against his father’s bail but police refused to return it to him. “Five months after Albert was incarcerated and only through Detained In Dubai’s campaign, the family’s tireless efforts; at a huge financial and emotional cost, Albert-Coleman Douglas Junior has finally been allowed to leave the UAE in what can only be described as a travesty of justice”, said Londoner Wolfgang Douglas, who has been tirelessly campaigning for his father’s release.

“Albert was held as a hostage to intimidate and frighten my father into confessing to crimes he hadn’t committed. My brother is autistic and they should never have taken his passport or done this to him. It’s been nothing short of traumatic for our whole family, but especially my poor brother. Despite all of the ridiculous attempts to bully my father and hold my brother as an effective hostage, he has never conceded any guilt as he is, in fact, innocent of the allegations against him.

“Local PRO’s and lawyers were needed to battle the UAE prosecutors. We are sure that without Detained in Dubai’s pressure and their own legal actions, to this day an autistic young man that has done nothing wrong would still be held captive by the UAE authorities in this completely outrageous case of abuse of power.

“My brother is now in hotel quarantine and we are all desperate to see him. Coming home to a very surreal new reality, something apocalyptic to him as he has himself been subjected to unbelievable trauma. But our family is not complete without my father. If he were guilty, of course we could accept the punishment but he is not and it’s tearing our family apart that this can happen to him, a kind and gentle man who has done nothing but speak well of the UAE for decades.”

Stirling highlighted that Dubai’s 2020 Expo has been rescheduled for October this year, “We have taken steps to inform investor and business groups that the promotion of the UAE as a stable centre for commercial activities is putting people at risk of significant financial loss, imprisonment and human rights violations. We have written to foreign minister, Rt Hon. Dominic Raab, MP, with our suggested amendments to the FCO’s official travel warnings for British citizens.

Albert’s wife, Naomi, is calling on Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum to help her husband, a 60 year old grandfather, return to her in England.”


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