​Interpol abuse spotlighted after Iran Red Notice against Donald Trump

IPEX founder and CEO Radha Stirling specialises in the removal of Interpol Red Notices issued by abusive nations like Iran. Stirling has helped hundreds of Interpol abuse victims over the past decade and has campaigned for reforms to Interpol’s procedures and for sanctions against countries who continue to abuse the system, like Iran, the UAE, Qatar, Russia, China, Egypt and Turkey. Stirling is an expert witness on Interpol abuse in civil and extradition cases, and is part of a working group in DC lobbying for reforms and accountability for wrongful notices. Stirling commented on reports of Trump’s listing with Interpol: “Iran’s attempt to list the President of the United States and others i

Duped migrant workers face modern day slavery in Qatar

28 year old Indian Jonnadula Maruthi Prasad says he was duped into working in Qatar, now he wants to go home but he is detained in Doha. His employer refuses to give him the permission he needs to leave the country, forces him to work in a job he didn’t accept, where he risks venomous snake encounters and then only feeds him very little, once a day. Jonnadula took to social media to beg for help. He had tried the police, reporting that he had been physically attacked and abused by his employer. “I came over to accept a job as a household chauffeur but now I’m forced to work very hard labour in the fields, with lots of scorpions and snakes. I am treated very badly, no medical and no food, onl


The lawyer for a Quebec geologist who has been jailed in Dubai after allegedly uncovering fraud in a gold company says all the criminal cases against her client have been dropped. Radha Stirling says the cases against Andre Gauthier have been dismissed and both Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, Dubai's ruler, and the country's attorney general have ordered he be let go. Nonetheless, Gauthier will likely have to remain in the country to answer the civil charges stemming from the same affair, which could take "months or years," Stirling said. "The last thing he wants to do is spend the next two years again in Dubai, on bail, waiting for these civil cases to be cancelled," she said in a phone intervi

Emirates Airline layoffs leave pilots & cabin crew at risk of imprisonment or Interpol Red Notic

Summary: Pilots and cabin crew faced employment culling with hundreds let go after coronavirus lockdown. Airline staff face imprisonment and Interpol Red Notices over credit cards, loans and mortgages accrued during their service in the UAE. “It’s like a repeat of 2009, only worse”, said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai. “Last time the economy took a huge hit, pilots and cabin crew were amongst those most affected. Airline staff are actively targeted by big banks in the UAE for easy credit and mortgages, but for many, accepting these offers quickly backfired and turned into a nightmare. “Dubai’s economy is fragile. Any world crisis is going to impact air travel and staff will be

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