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Tucker Carlson interviews Tara Reade in Moscow

Biden sexual assault accuser, Tara Reade, met with Tucker Carlson in Russia after seeking asylum.

Tara Reade was forced to seek asylum in Russia after senior political representatives told her she was in danger for speaking out against Biden.  Tucker Carlson interviewed her for the second time in Moscow.

Tara Reade’s only “crime” was to speak out about President Joe Biden’s sexual assault of her during her time as his Senate Aide. Ms Reade had lodged complaints at the time of being an employee and through official channels. She then decided to take the brave step of taking the allegations public on the back of the #MeToo movement, given that Biden was now running for the presidency. In stark contrast to those who accused Trump, Tara became victim of what her attorneys have termed “Operation Cassandra” in the latest legal filings.

Lawyer and Congressman Matt Gaetz stated that Reade was the most credible witness he had interviewed in his career and all Tara wanted was an investigation, but instead of an investigation, “Operation Cassandra” was invoked and Ms Reade was targeted in a concerted effort to discredit and diminish her, to the point where she was forced to apply for asylum in Russia.

Supported by her representatives, attorney Dr Jonathan Levy and Radha Stirling, human rights advocate and founder of Due Process International, a number of legal filings were submitted to international bodies including the United Nations. A suit filed last month against the Federal Government claims that Reade was investigated "in order to retaliate, intimidate, discredit and if possible, eliminate her as a threat to President Biden was investigated."

It also claims that FBI Director Christopher Wray "unlawfully and unconstitutionally ordered" the secret operation that violated privacy and surveillance statutes, as well as engaged in unconstitutional searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment, ultimately "forcing" Reade to seek asylum in Russia "in fear of her life."

In a continued effort, Reade was then demonized by the Biden supporting mainstream media and employees, headlining her as a “Russian asset”, which she clearly is not. “It is outrageous to create a situation where Russia is the only safe haven from Federal Government abuse for Tara, then demonize her for choosing safety”, asserted Ms Stirling, who filed preventative submissions to Interpol after a threat against Ms Reade was made.

During Carlson’s trip to Russia to interview President Putin, he met with whistleblower Edward Snowden and interviewed Ms Reade at his hotel. “It’s important that journalists investigate the serious abuse of power that has left a US citizen in an egregious situation where she does not feel safe to return to her own country”, added Stirling. "Ms Reade built a career in the US and grew as a geopolitical commentator. She later became the victim of a political vendetta for which the consequences have been dire. Tara’s case highlights the human toll of an out of control ruling elite whose policy is to crush any threat to power, at any cost and that absolutely includes crushing democracy.

“The current administration has made it more than clear that they fully support their own disinformation campaigns and censorship of the truth, even working with private corporations, media and social media companies to do so. Perhaps worse than censorship though, is the weaponization of government and law agencies, judicial abuse, slander and wrongful imprisonments, all of which have become the standard playbook.”

Ms Reade, Dr Levy, & Ms Stirling have been inundated with not only support, but numerous complaints from other victims and with no other organization in place, the group are establishing an international committee to address weaponization and the protection of whistleblowers.

“The public has a right to know when the government abuses its own citizens. It’s not acceptable nor constitutional and it will only stop through exposure and legal accountability. We seek to prevent the US becoming an autocratic and undemocratic state where citizens are unsafe. We are already on the road and it will take independent journalists, brave lawyers and libertarian members of government to halt this trend. We are thankful to Carlson for sitting down with Tara in Russia, but it may take a change of administration before she can feel safe to travel again”.



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