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Parents against social media restrictions

Parental rights under assault by authority wielding politicians, says human rights expert, Radha Stirling, founder of Due Process International.

Politicians are responding to a News Corp lobbying push to ban under 16’s in Australia from accessing social media, but NGO Due Process International, says the move is an outrageous infringement on parental rights.

CEO Radha Stirling says, “politicians are responding to calls for a social media ban hidden under the pretence of ‘protecting our children’, but in reality, they are supporting the mainstream media lobby and getting people accustomed to requiring government permission to access the internet.

“It’s a slippery slope. Once the government rolls out legislation to restrict the access of minors, it won’t be long until we see them pushing for a program expansion. We are highly likely to very quickly see the government pushing for ‘responsible social media use’ that would require a licence and good behaviour merits to access social media or the wider internet.

“The move is absolutely not about safety. It’s about control, censorship and a corporate media industry in demise.

“I find it beyond insulting that the government would seek to intervene in the private lives of families to the extent that they will decide what information individuals can consume and from whom they can consume it.”

Paul Dutton and the liberal party in collusion with other government members are doing everything in their power to increase authoritarian control over the population and infringe on the rights of citizens without referendum or public consultation. “It is precisely this type of aggression that paves way for other parties to gain real traction in Parliament. We only have to look at the current success of the Nigel's Farage and the Reform Party in the UK, which has just overtaken the Conservatives at the polls. With both leading Australian parties pushing the public so far, genuine opposition is possible.

“Due Process International is highlighting concern amongst MPs and parties and we urge Australian citizens to put pen to paper and let the politicians know they do not support the state seizing their parental responsibilities.”

Stirling also expressed concern over eSafety expansion propositions in her response to the government's call for public consultation:


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