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Family of crypto entrepreneur detained in Dubai pray for imminent return after exonerating evidence

Family of LA resident and crypto tech entrepreneur detained in Dubai prays he comes home imminently after court appointed forensic expert says ‘no evidence’.

The wife and family of Californian tech entrepreneur Edel Hsieh is freed from Dubai jail after evidence exonerating him is revealed.

When Edel Hsieh saw some ‘dodgy’ dealings at a startup company in Dubai, he asked for his investment back but, instead, he was accused of threatening his former (short lived) partner. When an allegation of threatening behaviour was made, police immediately arrested Edel, beat him and extracted funds from his personal accounts without a court order.

Edel has been fighting the charges from jail in Dubai for the past three months while surviving atrocious conditions. Today, a court appointed independent forensics expert confirmed what he knew all along; He did not threaten the complainant.

The case against him has fallen apart. A friend of the complainant who had agreed to act as a witness left the UAE with no intention of returning or participating in proceedings.

Edel has now been told his August trial may be moved to Wednesday next week and he is hopeful, with the latest developments, that he will finally be exonerated.

“Edel has never had any issues with the law in the US or anywhere else. He’s been levied with wild accusations as a means to go after his money”, explains Edel’s wife, Neda. “We are exhausted. It’s been a really emotional and strenuous time for the whole family. With a forensic report confirming his innocence, we are counting on authorities to let my husband go”.

The family have asked Congresswoman Sanchez and Senator Newman to make sure the US State Department is doing everything possible to free the Los Angeles resident.

Radha Stirling of Detained in Dubai noted that people with money are often subjected to false allegations as a means to extort them. “The government of Dubai needs to do more to presume the innocence of those who have been accused of crimes.

“If Dubai is going to welcome cryptocurrency trade and development to the city, it will need to recognise that there will be some shady characters attracted to the environment who will attempt to abuse the judicial process for two reasons; One, to immunize themselves against incoming criminal complaints and two, as a means to extort and pressure victims into releasing funds for their freedom”.


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