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Robert Urwin

​Brit Robert Urwin home to England after 14 months detained in Ukraine over HSBC's UAE Interpol relations

“We have been involved in this case from the beginning,” Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, said. “We appealed successfully to Interpol for the removal of the abusive Red Notice, and we received files from Ukrainian officials indicating that local police had no complaint against Robert in their database, yet he had still not been cleared to exit the country. We are grateful to the FCO for finally doing what needed to be done to secure the release of a British citizen from the prolonged and unjustified denial of his freedom of movement. He has endured a nightmare for more than a year of arbitrary detention, extradition hearings, exoneration, threat of re-arrest, and prolonged absence from his family, all because of a wrongful UAE case in which he was himself the victim of an apparently forged cheque."

Full article at the Detained in Dubai Website

UAE bank’s Interpol Abuse raised at UK Parliament after Brit’s 12 month long ordeal.

Emma Lewell-Buck MP has been the first to raise at Parliament level, serious issues of malpractice within the international crime agency Interpol.


Detained in Dubai has been a leading voice against Interpol Abuse over the past decade, having seen hundreds of innocent people either arrested, harassed, extorted or threatened with Interpol notices. Interpol has been criticised for accepting notices from countries who have a political motivation, such as Russia, Turkey and Egypt but amazingly, the private sector and even top international banks, have systematically abused a system that leaves itself open to exploitation.

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