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Danielle Jeffries

“Danielle Jeffries is a black woman in a Middle Eastern legal system and this in itself, will influence her access to a fair trial. The accuser, in criminal cases in Dubai, is almost always favoured and believed. Evidence is not required and a mere accusation is sufficient to achieve a conviction. Add to that the fact that she is a woman, and then that she is a black woman, and she is further disadvantaged in the judicial system. Racism and sexism are prevalent throughout the United Arab Emirates, to the point where a female rape victim will be charged with sex outside marriage, or where an Asian or African may be sentenced to death while a white Brit charged with murder, will be released in just a few years."

“Expats need to be aware that they can be held criminally responsible for any mistakes made by a third party holding a POA. This document cannot be taken lightly and has been the cause of innumerable convictions”, said Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, who is representing Ms Jeffries.

The UAE is known for systemic racism and abuse of foreign nationals, to the point where British courts will not extradite people there due to discrimination in the judicial system.

"These are innocent Americans, who have committed no crimes but are being abused by a system in complete disarray. It’s time the US said enough is enough”.

Danielle speaks for the first time with Detained in Dubai's CEO Radha Stirling, an expert witness on UAE justice, who is representing Ms Jeffries.

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