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Jamie Harron

as similar calls from the police in other cases were merely tactics to lure individuals into police custody. But when Jamie arrived at the police station, his passport was returned, and he was told that he was free to go. The charges were dropped, the sentence annulled, and he faces no order for deportation. This came by direct order from Sheikh Mohammed.”


Radha Stirling, CEO and founder of Detained in Dubai

“When Jamie was called this morning by the police he was told that the case had been dismissed, and that he should come in to collect his passport”, Stirling explained. “He was understandably nervous;

Stirling noted that ideally such intervention would not be necessary, but was grateful that the Dubai Ruler took the initiative. “Of course, a fully functional legal system would not require outside intervention, and a case like Jamie’s would never proceed in the first place. But we are enormously grateful to Sheikh Mohammed for stepping in and vindicating Jamie after months of hardship."

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