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Andy Neal

“We advise caution to all visitors, including those transiting through the UAE to utilise caution when doing so."

Radha Stirling, CEO and founder of Detained in Dubai

“Police and prosecutors in Dubai knew almost immediately that Andy was innocent, and certainly knew this after discovering the identity of the actual culprit at the beginning of this year. Yet, not only did they not release Andy, they continued to try to coerce him into confessing to a crime they knew he did not commit. Andy’s steadfastness and will to endure this nightmare is amazing, and he deserves to be both commended and compensated; but no one should have to go through this. The British government needs to reassess its relationship with a country whose legal system is so severely flawed, and where our citizens can be subjected to months or even years of arbitrary imprisonment on the feeblest of pretexts.”


“We are ecstatic that Andy has been acquitted, but this should never have happened, and yet, not only does it happen, but it happens regularly in the UAE. There are cases right now of foreign nationals accused without evidence, and arrested solely on the basis of statements by coerced informants. It is unacceptable. Andy served Britain for over 20 years in the armed services, he has already been exposed to severe trauma in war zones around the world and suffers from PTSD; what the UAE justice system has done to him will last far beyond this past year of wrongful detention, and these kinds of legal abuses need to stop."


Radha Stirling, founder and CEO of Detained in Dubai

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