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Stirling talks Interpol reform with Royal Gazette

Alan Stevenson

Radha Stirling, Mr Stevenson's lawyer and the founder and chief executive of London-based Detained in Dubai, said he was a victim of “abuse” of international police agency Interpol's arrest-warrant system over a debt with the Qatar National Bank he insisted he had not incurred.

She added that “no evidence was produced or provided to the Czech courts” to back up an extradition request from Qatar.

Ms Stirling said: “Alan Stevenson's case should be a watershed moment for Interpol reform and human rights compliance.

“Alan's case is emblematic of what has been happening with ever greater frequency from the Gulf states.

“Interpol has been hijacked by authoritarian regimes around the world who abuse the red notice system to persecute political opponents, dissidents, independent journalists, and private individuals over financial disputes.”


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