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Latifa pictured with ex British police woman

A third photo of Princess Latifa 'out and about' was shared via British expat Fiona Day's Facebook account yesterday.

“The United Nations, the media and the public have been calling for ‘proof of life’ for several months and it appears they have it,” said Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai, who responded to Latifa’s call for help during the raid on Nostromo, launched the United Nations investigation and brought Latifa's case to the media. “Princess Latifa has been pictured with three British expats. One of the ladies, Sioned Taylor, had previously worked for Latifa and Maitha.

“In the latest photo, Latifa is pictured with Fiona Day who we are told is a former British police woman and psychic medium. The public is split over where to praise or curse the women who are photographed with Latifa but ultimately, it shows she is out with friends, that there appears to be an intention to return Latifa to public life.

“Although we are pleased to see Latifa out and about, we must not forget that she was brought to the United Arab Emirates unlawfully. She was forcibly and illegally removed from a US flagged yacht in international waters in an unprecedented military attack.

“She had already escaped the UAE and she had every right to feel safe onboard that yacht under the protection of United States and international law. Cptn. Herve Jaubert had every right to be confident that his US flagged yacht would not be attacked by special forces, that he would not be kidnapped and forced to the Emirates.

“There was no basis in law to kidnap Latifa and Hervé and it is imperative that the United States address this grievance. We are conducting an investigation into the assault on Nostromo, making a series of information requests in the United states to discover exactly what went on behind the scenes. If the UAE attacked a US yacht without US permission, we have a serious problem. Whether the US authorised or did not, certain people will need to be held to account.

“Cptn. Hervé Jaubert is preparing litigation in the United States. If nobody is held to account and there are minimal consequences for these actions, more lives will be put at risk in the future. We need to know how this was able to happen and hold those responsible to account”.



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