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Pancho Campo

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“In fact, no one is really sure why Campo is still on Interpol, or indeed, why he was ever on Interpol to begin with. The UAE does not want him, and he applied for a removal from the database years ago. But he continues to be red-flagged every time he travels. He has been dealing with this for 10 years; and it is not merely a matter of inconvenience as a traveler. As a businessman involved in major public events, his reputation is a crucial factor in his ability to secure contracts with celebrities, venues, and financiers. It is a bit hard to explain to clients why his name is listed on Interpol among international criminals, while he has done nothing wrong.

But you see, the UAE understands that Interpol is a great way to penalise someone for any real or imagined offence; all they have to do is submit a report, and no one even needs to know why, and they stay in the database indefinitely." Radha Stirling, CEO and founder Detained in Dubai

Read more about "Interpol ethical practices under question while prominent Spanish CEO, Olympic Coach & Author remains subjected to “Interpol Abuse"​ at Linkedin

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