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BBC Bailed Greek prison Scot Conor Howard regrets buying joke gift

'Extradition abuse' - 25 September 2020

Radha Stirling, of campaign group Detained in Dubai, represents the family and believes Mr Howard should never have been jailed in the first place.

She said: "At the whim of a country notorious for Interpol and extradition abuse, a European country has been used as a conduit to unfairly detain a British national.

"Qatar has been responsible for a number of arrests and detentions inside the EU over the past 24 months. In none of these cases were the victims extradited and in all cases I have dealt with, the victims were released and removed from Interpol's database."

She said that Greece has allowed Qatar until 4 November to present further evidence, meaning Mr Howard is not allowed to return to Scotland and still risks being extradited.

Full Article here

Step-dad of East Lothian man held over cannabis grinder suffers a heart attack in Greece

Robert Young was rushed from his home in Corfu to hospital before being transferred to the capital, Athens, for specialist treatment.

It is understood that the stress of seeing his step-son, Conor Howard, held in a Greek jail and facing possible extradition to Qatar, took a toll on Mr Young’s health.

The post added: “Robert has been an amazingly strong person and a pleasure for me to work with. I am sure he will recover well and I will keep you posted. In the mean time, please keep the Howard family in your thoughts.”

Conor was detained in Qatar last October on his way back to the UK from Australia when he was found with the grinder - which he said he had bought for a pal as a laugh. Read More Here

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Gulf in Justice Podcast Trailer - with Kenny Macaskill, MP & Radha Stirling on #ConorHoward detention in Greece on Qatar issued Interpol Red Notice and #extradition request over hemp oil?????

#KennyMacaskill #RadhaStirling #interpolabuse #FreeConor #GulfinJustice

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