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Cat Le-Huy

Detained in Dubai was founded when Radha Stirling's colleague from Endemol at the time, Cat Le-Huy, was arrested in the UAE. Stirling led the legal team and media campaign that ended with Cat's release. Following the international press coverage of Cat's case, Stirling was continually asked by others for assistance.

Mr Le-Huy travels regularly for business & pleasure & arrived in Dubai expecting to enjoy a few days of warm weather and look into possible business opportunities. His travel plans were cut short when, on arrival he was pulled aside for a random search that revealed he was carrying a legal health supplement known as “melatonin”. Melatonin is a supplement that assists with jet lag symptoms & is available legally over the counter in the United Arab Emirates. Regardless, Mr Le-Huy was subjected to a full strip search, urine tests & was, under duress, forced to sign a confession in Arabic, a language he does not understand. He has been encouraged by both the German Embassy & the Dubai authorities not to obtain legal representation.

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