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Latifa photographed at Dubai mall with British skydiver

Image published on Sky News.

A photo of Princess Latifa has been circulated on Instagram by skydiving instructor, ironman triathlete and former Royal Navy member Sioned Taylor.

The photo shows Latifa at a Dubai mall cafe with Sioned Taylor. Mutual friends of Sioned and Latifa commented positively on the post.

Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Dubai, released Latifa’s video in 2018 and brought her plight to the world’s media and the United Nations. Latifa contacted Stirling from Nostromo, the US flagged escape yacht that was brutally attacked by Indian forces to kidnap the princess and Captain Hervé Jaubert.

“The indicates that the UAE intends to perhaps allow Latifa to return to public life as mentioned in their last statement, said Radha Stirling. “The UAE has declined direct media requests and largely ignored United Nations pleadings and finds 'proof of life' requests insulting. Despite increasing pressure, the UAE’s position has remained that Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum is in ‘the loving care of her family’.

“This is not the first time that Dubai has released photos and proof of life for Latifa”, continued Stirling.

“After Latifa's latest video messages were broadcast, the Maktoum family is even more determined to keep Latifa within the city of Dubai. From their perspective, they have seen what happens to British royals when family members start airing their dirty laundry in public. They don’t want to see Latifa end up on Oprah. The family still maintains that Latifa has mental health problems which they do not intend to make a spectacle of.

“The Maktoums see many of the people calling for Latifa’s release as self interested and in some cases, actual convicted criminals. They’re not going to send Latifa into the hands of those who may use and manipulate her, and they don't want to see her as an adverse witness in the British courtroom drama surrounding Princess Haya.

“Through understanding the UAE’s perspective, there is a higher chance for Latifa to enjoy the kind of freedom her prince brother does We are hopeful that may involve a diplomatically arranged alternative whereby Latifa were permitted to conditionally live in the United States or abroad if that is still what she wants.

“In the interim, we are hopeful that Latifa will return to public life and enjoy increased freedom within the Emirates.

Captain Hervé Jaubert, who spoke with Latifa for seven years before helping her escape, commented “If the photo is real, I am so relieved to hear this wonderful news. Princess Latifa looks straight in the camera and seems to be herself and happy”.

Detained in Dubai encourages the UAE to continue to release photos to the public. It will go along way to alleviating public concern for her welfare.


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