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Ahmed Mansoor

Tourists and residents in the UAE are at extreme risk of being arrested under the country's cybercrime laws. Almost everyone who enters the country is already in breach of the law, based on the history of their social media feeds, whether or not they made the posts from outside of the UAE. The UAE's enforcers, scour social media looking for offenders to arrest, and the public are equally content to report offenders (or people they don't like) to the TRA. If attention is drawn to an offense, that person can be arrested and detained without charge. Any country whose laws allow for such abuse is a danger to all who enter the jurisdiction.

The fact that these laws were recently enacted shows that the UAE has no intention of becoming a liberal or modern country. The real UAE can be seen through its judicial and penal systems, where human rights violations are so common, that the UK refuses to extradite people there, despite having an existing treaty in place."

Radha Stirling, CEO and founder of Detained in Dubai

"Ahmed Mansoor, an Emirati human rights lawyer, has just been jailed for ten years and handed a 1 million dirham fine for his participation in discussions related to judicial and political reforms in the UAE.


This sentence is a clear message from the government to the people that anyone who does not pretend to be happy with everything going on in the UAE, will be jailed."

Read more about Ahmed Mansoor, in "Frightening precedent for UAE population - Lawyer imprisoned for 10 years" at the Detained in Dubai Blog

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